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Episode 2 Launches! Setting Up Your Independent Music Teaching Studio How to set up a music studio

Episode 2 of Setting Up An Independent Music Teaching Studio is now available to Duet subscribers! This month, Brittany Gardner talks about the role of structure in making sure our studios thrive.

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Duet Partner Dec 2, 2022 Inspiration
How Mindset and Confidence Can Impact Your Music Teaching music teacher showing confidence and positive mindset

Have you ever considered how mindset and confidence impact your music teaching? Musicians innately believe in consistent improvement. In our own young lives, we attended weekly lessons, participated in school ensembles, searched out extracurricular opportunities, and relied on mentors regularly. This belief in consistent growth is often referred to as a “growth mindset” – a set of beliefs and values that business owners and entrepreneurs strive for. 

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Kelly Riordan Nov 14, 2022 Inspiration
Looking For Guidance On How To Set Up An Effective Music Studio? This New Video Course Is For You How to set up a music studio

Duet is pleased to announce a new 12-episode video course with veteran teacher Brittany Gardner that walks both new and experienced teachers through the ins and outs of setting up a music teaching studio. Now free to Duet subscribers or available on Udemy.

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Duet Partner Oct 24, 2022 Inspiration
New Podcast! Making the Most of Digital Resources with Amy Chaplin PianoPantry.com discusses digital resources available to music teachers

There are so many exceptional resources on the internet for music teachers. So where do you start? When it comes to games, worksheets, printables and teaching ideas, Amy Chaplin of PianoPantry.com is an expert.

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Duet Partner Oct 16, 2022 Inspiration
3 Things to Consider When Revamping Your Music Studio Website Music Teacher Blog post about how to update your music studio website with Yiyi Ku

This is part 3 of a series of articles I am writing to share my experience rebuilding my piano studio after relocating to a new place. Here are considerations for updating your music studio website.

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Yiyi Ku Oct 10, 2022 Inspiration