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Benefits of Playing an Instrument
Do you have additional instruments in your studio? how many instruments do you have

On our Duet Partner Facebook Group, we recently asked our teachers if they have additional instruments in their home, besides their primary one. From the comments, it seems that music teachers like instruments almost as much as they like music!

Here are the instruments that were listed by our followers:

Grand pianos, digital keyboards, Celtic harps, recorders, flutes, violins, bagpipe, guitars, ukeleles, xylophones, drums, tambourines, kazoos, upright pianos and cellos.


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duet Apr 20, 2023 Inspiration
Tell Us About Your Music Studio Traditions Register for a webinar on music studio traditions

This Wednesday, April 5th at 12:30pm Mountain Time, Duet is hosting a live webinar to chat with teachers about music studio traditions and event.

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duet Apr 3, 2023 Inspiration
How To Set Up a Piano Teaching Studio piano teaching studio

Are you setting up a new piano teaching studio? Or are you looking for ways to refresh your approach to your existing piano studio? Consider the following ideas to get you started.

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duet Mar 23, 2023 Inspiration
Who Is The Ideal Student For Your Music Studio? Who is the ideal student for your music studio?

Who is an ideal student for a music studio? Of course it depends on who YOU are and what you are looking for in a student. Here are some ways to address this question.

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Kelly Riordan Dec 19, 2022 Inspiration
Have you thought of this idea to motivate music practice? Piano practice motivation idea

Yiyi Ku, an experienced piano teacher in Christchurch, New Zealand, shares this new idea for piano student practice motivation. Have you thought of this?

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Yiyi Ku Dec 13, 2022 Inspiration