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Podcast: Teaching With A Growth Mindset

There is so much to learn from Brittany Gardner. Join guest podcast host Ariel Haubner as she talks with cellist and author Brittany Gardner on the latest episode of the Duet Partner Podcast. How do we create a space where children feel safe to try new things? How do we help them trust their efforts will result in growth? How do we help them build confidence in every area of their lives? You’ll find ideas for connecting to your own wisdom as a teacher. And you’ll feel supported by Brittany’s wisdom, expertise and warmth.

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Duet Partner Jun 15, 2022 Inspiration
Duet Sponsors the Music Studio Startup Annual Grant

Duet is proud to sponsor the Music Studio Startup Annual Grant for music teachers just launching their studios.

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Duet Partner May 23, 2022 Podcasts
Podcast: Maximizing Your Worth As A Musician

Dr. Garrett Hope has made several pivots in his life as a musician – from composer to performer to teacher to consultant. And now he’s helping others do the same. In everything he does though, Garrett believes that musicians should craft businesses around their endeavors that efficiently repurpose their artistic output and properly reward them for their value. In our conversation, Dr. Hope offers philosophical convictions for this attitude as well as practical tips on how to achieve the vision he promotes.

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Garrett Hope Apr 27, 2022 Inspiration
Podcast: Strategies for Tax Time Organization

Music teachers are small business owners, which means music teachers pay taxes. To help you get to April 15, tax day in the U.S., Andrea Miller of Music Studio Startup shares her best practices for staying on top of the paperwork and organization needed to make tax time less painful.

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Andrea Miller Apr 4, 2022 Podcasts
Podcast: It’s tax time! Do you know all the tricks?

Duet is delighted to be partnering with Kelly Riordan, a studio management consultant, to guide teachers through tax season. Are you maximizing your deductions? Wondering which forms you need to submit? Asking yourself if you need a CPA? This invaluable episode will help you feel confident as we approach tax season.

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Kelly Riordan Mar 6, 2022 Podcasts