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How does the Duet music school software’s free trial work?

Perhaps you’ve been teaching music for several years. Perhaps you’re a newbie. Perhaps you’ve tried jerry rigging an organizational system that helps you keep track of students, invoice and get paid on time, and streamline a teaching calendar… but now you’ve given up. You turn to Google and search for music studio software, preferably a music studio software with a free trial. We’re glad you found Duet,…

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duet Nov 30, 2019 Studio Management
Tax Tips for Musicians

Most music teachers and performers are at least partly self-employed, and this income needs to be filed on a Schedule C form. Learn how to do that here.

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Ed Pearlman Mar 27, 2018 Studio Management
Should A Music Teacher Supply Instruments and Accessories?

Without the right equipment it’s hard for a student to get very far.  How can the teacher help?  What do you do to help your students? This article provides ideas for different approaches to these critical questions.

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duet Dec 3, 2015 Student Engagement
18 Reasons & Ways to Celebrate Music Student Milestones

Why wait until a holiday to “turn on the party?” We teachers can find many reasons and ways to celebrate student milestones. Here’s how.

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Robin Steinweg Dec 3, 2015 Inspiration
4 Ways to Build A Wildly Successful Music Studio

Four things you can start doing to grow your studio’s profitability and quickly.

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Amanda Becker Dec 3, 2015 Inspiration