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Benefits of Playing an Instrument
It’s the most wonderful time of the year for a teacher to try music school management software! music school management software

Between now and December 31st, Duet is offering teachers the chance to join our music teacher community for 22% off their 2022 subscription.

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duet Dec 10, 2021 Studio Management
Looking for more students for your independent music studio? Duet introduces a partnership with MusicTeacher.com! finding music students

Duet is excited to partner with MusicTeacher.com, where current Duet teachers can access lower commission rates when they find new students to add to their studios. You can find the customized MusicTeacher.com link in the Resources section of your account.

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Matthew Rusk of MusicTeacher.com Nov 22, 2021 Studio Management
Advice for New Music Teachers – Growing Something From Nothing Career Tips for New Teachers

Cello teacher Zachary Sweet spent his first years of teaching trying to figure things out for himself. Now, he teaches future teachers all the things he didn’t know himself. Join us as he shares some of his insights with us here.

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Zachary Sweet Sep 23, 2021 Podcasts
Higher Teaching Rates for Your Music Studio – How To Command Value Higher Teaching Rates

Piano teacher Noreen Wenjen knows that a teacher’s job doesn’t end when she stands up from her instrument. In fact, it might only just begin. Learn how Noreen has built value and earned higher teaching rates by maximizing the professionalism of her studio and making sure her clients understand the value of her work.

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Noreen Wenjen Sep 23, 2021 Podcasts
Music School Software – How Does Duet Software’s Free Trial Work? Music School Software

Perhaps you’ve been teaching music for several years. Perhaps you’re a newbie. Perhaps you’ve tried jerry rigging an organizational system that helps you keep track of students, invoice and get paid on time, and streamline a teaching calendar… but now you’ve given up. You turn to Google and search for music studio software, preferably a music school software with a free trial. We’re glad you found Duet,…

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duet Nov 30, 2019 Studio Management