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How Mindset and Confidence Can Impact Your Music Teaching music teacher showing confidence and positive mindset

Have you ever considered how mindset and confidence impact your music teaching? Musicians innately believe in consistent improvement. In our own young lives, we attended weekly lessons, participated in school ensembles, searched out extracurricular opportunities, and relied on mentors regularly. This belief in consistent growth is often referred to as a “growth mindset” – a set of beliefs and values that business owners and entrepreneurs strive for. 

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Kelly Riordan Nov 14, 2022 Inspiration
Hybrid Learning: Why it’s important for your studio to offer online lessons as an option

Learn why Duet suggests music teachers consider going to a hybrid set up, where in-person lessons are the norm, but if needed, online lessons can be used to supplement.

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Duet Partner Sep 14, 2022 Studio Management
New podcast! How do you compress decades of learning into days?

You’ve spent decades learning your craft. How do you pass along all of that learning to your students in just one short lesson a week? Join Ariel Haubner and Avi Friedlander for a discussion full of ideas that are sure to inspire your teaching.

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Duet Partner Sep 8, 2022 Inspiration
7 Things To Do When Applying for a Music Teacher Job

Would you like to vastly increase your odds of success when applying for a job as a music teacher? Follow these 7 tips to qualify for the music teaching job you want.

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Doug Hanvey Apr 11, 2022 Inspiration
Learning to Play an Instrument and Learning to Practice Are Two Distinct Skills

Why do some students love to practice right away, while others find music practice a real challenge? What can we do to support young musicians as they both learn to play their instruments and learn how to practice effectively?

These are a few of the questions Christine Goodner spends her time writing and speaking about. She also dives into them in-depth in her new book, Music Practice Makeover: Strategies to Make Practice with Your Music Student as Painless and Efficient as Possible.

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Christine Goodner Mar 25, 2022 Inspiration