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Benefits of Playing an Instrument
Introducing Online Studio: Making Online Teaching As Painless As Possible teaching music online

Duet launches Online Studio, a video conferencing platform optimized for music teachers that works inside your Duet account!

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Duet Partner Jul 10, 2022 Studio Management
Remote Music Teaching Tools – Dr. Jon Yerby’s Recommendations Remote Music Teaching Tools

On February 2, 2022, guitarist Dr. Jon Yerby presented a webinar to the Duet community about how to optimize remote teachings. (The recording of this webinar is available to Duet subscribers in the Resources section of your account.) As part of his presentation, Dr. Yerby offered product suggestions for microphones and video cameras that work for him.

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Dr. Jon Yerby Feb 2, 2022 Podcasts
Should A Music Teacher Supply Instruments and Accessories?

Without the right equipment it’s hard for a student to get very far.  How can the teacher help?  What do you do to help your students? This article provides ideas for different approaches to these critical questions.

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duet Dec 3, 2015 Student Engagement
Build a Music Studio – 4 Ways to Build A Wildly Successful Music Studio Build a Music Studio

Four things you can start doing to grow your studio’s profitability and quickly.

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Amanda Becker Dec 3, 2015 Inspiration
Niche Marketing for Music Teachers Marketing for Music Teachers

Find underserved niches and develop unique approaches to teaching them, and watch your music studio thrive.

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Doug Hanvey Dec 3, 2015 Studio Management