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Establishing A Foundation of Music in the Very Young

Early music education has been touted for generations as a way to give young children a strong intellectual and emotional start in life. Many parents take babies to movement classes or engage them in rhythm exercises. Music is one of the first ways we communicate with and teach our babies.

Emilie Lundberg is the founder of Music Adventure Box, a subscription service that provides parents with the tools they need to introduce a musical foundation to their preschool and kindergarten children. She is truly an expert in how to introduce children to music in a way that strengthens the bonds of trust and joy between parent and child. Join us as we learn about the creative ways she is introducing young children to the lifelong benefits of music.

“Music ignites the entire brain. It is the only subject that lights up the entire brain. It’s helping those synapses fire fast at a very crucial time in that child’s development.”

Emilie Lundberg
Emilie Lundberg Oct 13, 2021 Inspiration

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