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Looking for more students for your independent music studio? Duet introduces a partnership with MusicTeacher.com!

Duet is excited to partner with MusicTeacher.com, where current Duet teachers can access lower commission rates when they find new students to add to their music schools. You can find the customized MusicTeacher.com link in the Resources section of your account.

For some music teachers finding students is easy, word-of-mouth referrals, links to local schools and a well established reputation over many years draws students to them. For other teachers, especially those starting the journey into teaching music, it is far more of a challenge.

Over the many years I have taught music, I have observed three well-worn routes that a potential student may choose when searching for a teacher. First is that they approach friends and family, asking them for advice on whether they know someone that might be able to teach them guitar or how to sing. As music teachers we see these types of inquiries manifest as word-of-mouth enquiries.

Secondly, students look towards physical institutions to seek a recommendation on who can offer the lessons that they are seeking. That might take the form of exploring whether their school has links with a music teacher of their chosen instrument or a local music shop can recommend a guitar teacher. Or they reach out to a physical music school to ask them for their availability.

Thirdly, students search for music teachers across the media that they are most comfortable with. For many, this means searching the internet or social media to find the music teacher that might be able to help them in their quest to improve their playing. It is within this area that I have spent the last 10 years of my life researching, developing and working with music teachers to generate them consistent streams of music inquiries for them to teach.

This month marks a significant step in the continued work between MusicTeacher.com (link to https://musicteacher.com) and Duet Partner, as we open up the opportunity for all interested Duet teachers to apply to join the MusicTeacher.com platform. The platform helps to find music students for you to teach, whether online or in-person, enabling you to grow your student numbers and ultimately your music teaching business.

The opportunity has developed from a two year trial, where I worked closely with a small group of Duet teachers to build streams of student inquires for them to teach. The pilot has been a tremendous success, with inquiries coming in across a wide range of locations and for many different instrument types – everything from drum lessons in Daytona Beach, Florida to guitar lessons in San Jose, California.

So what do the Duet teachers who have been involved in the trial say about it? Well, Kait Kingston who is a professional singing teacher based in Salt Lake City, who has been featured on the Singing Lessons Salt Lake City (link to: https://musicteacher.com/ut/singing-lessons-salt-lake-city/) page of the platform shared this testimony:

“Getting students through MusicTeacher.com has been a wonderful experience. What I love about it is that the students have already browsed and chosen to message me particularly, so I don’t have to work as hard trying to get them to choose me since they already have. I have to take it from there and be sure that I’m providing them with accurate information on what I can offer them and work hard to keep them as a client but having the leads come through MusicTeacher.com is such a delight because I feel like half the work has been done for me by them seeing my profile. 

Another bonus is the fact that Matthew sends me an email with each new inquiry. Having a real person who makes the connection of the students to the teacher is a comforting feeling. I am listed with several sites…those other teacher profile sites have an automated system that sends leads and are also challenging to find a real person to talk with about any troubleshooting I might need help with so the fact that Matthew is my ‘go-to-guy’ is so refreshing. I know that I can ask him any question and I’ll get personalized attention and assistance. He’s friendly, knowledgeable, prompt and easy to talk to via email or phone.” 

If you are a current Duet subscriber interested in growing the numbers of students that you teach, then we have a fantastic offer for you. Duet teachers pay only 16.5% commission on the students they find on this platform. To access this offer:
1. Log into your Duet account
2. Visit the Resources -> MusicTeacher.com section in the left hand navigation
3. Click on Get Started Today to go to the customized MusicTeacher.com page

About the Author

Matthew Rusk is a guitar teacher based in Sheffield, England. Alongside his teaching he has helped generate over 55,000 student inquiries for music teachers based around the world. His focus is to help music teachers build sustainable careers in teaching, enabling them to focus on their teaching by working with them to build consistent streams of inquiries. Visit MusicTeacher.com to find out more.

Matthew Rusk of MusicTeacher.com Nov 22, 2021 Studio Management

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