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It’s the most wonderful time of the year for a teacher to try music studio management software!

Between now and December 31st, Duet is offering teachers the chance to join our music teacher community for 22% off their 2022 subscription. Here’s how it works:

If a teacher starts a free 30-day trial between now and December 31st, 2021, they will receive a coupon code that they can enter upon entering their credit card in Settings and starting their paid subscription. With this code, the new teacher will enjoy 22% off of their subscription cost (at any studio size) for twelve months, through 2022.

And why should a music teacher try studio management software? It’s the perfect way to get organized and professional in the new year!

First of all, Duet automates all administrative tasks such as billing, invoicing, collecting payments, preparing tax information, rescheduling or applying make-up lesson credit, communicating with students and parents, and keeping track of files and lesson notes.

Secondly, Duet saves money! Try adding up the cost of the leading accounting software, web hosting software, calendaring software… and it’s a lot. An all-in-one suite of tools like Duet gives you all of these services for a fraction of the cost.

Lastly, Duet saves time. Our teachers tell us they spend up to 8 hours a week on administrative tasks, just to run their small business. Many music teachers aren’t as interested in running a small business as they are in making music and inspiring students. That’s why Duet is the perfect partner.

Do you know a music teacher who’s been on the edge about trying our software? Let them know this is a great time to start!

duet Dec 10, 2021 Studio Management

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