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How does the Duet music school software’s free trial work?

Perhaps you’ve been teaching music for several years. Perhaps you’re a newbie. Perhaps you’ve tried jerry rigging an organizational system that helps you keep track of students, invoice and get paid on time, and streamline a teaching calendar… but now you’ve given up. You turn to Google and search for music studio software, preferably a music studio software with a free trial. We’re glad you found Duet, the music teacher’s digital assistant!

Step 1: Sign up for Duet’s 30 day trial (no credit card needed)

Because you have several options for music school software that might be right for you, we offer a 30-day free trial. There is no credit card required. Simply visit “Get Started” or “Start Your Free Trial” on the Duet Partner website. Select your subscription level based on the number of students in your music studio, enter your name, a selected email and password, and hit “Submit”. You now have a free test account!

Step 2: Verify your email

Don’t forget to then check the email you submitted for an email address verification prompt. Open the email, click on “Confirm my email address,” and you are official. Simply go back to the Duet Partner website and click “Log In” at the top right, using the email address and password you submitted.

Step 3: Customize your music studio

Once into your account, follow the prompts to customize your music studio’s settings. If you’d like more help, request a personal demonstration by writing to support@duetpartner.com, reading our Help articles or watching the introductory videos on our YouTube channel.

Step 4: After 30 days, make it official!

After trying your account free for 30 days, you will be prompted to enter in your credit card information into your account settings. You will keep all of the music studio information you’ve already entered into the software during the trial period.

Choose one of the best music school softwares

When selecting a music studio software to help you automate the administrative tasks of running your own music school, you want to make sure you have a partner you can depend on. Duet Partner is here for you.

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