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Hybrid Learning: Why it’s important for your studio to offer online lessons as an option

Hybrid Learning: Why it’s important for your studio to offer online lessons as an option

Now that the pandemic is mostly in the rearview mirror, what is your current relationship with teaching online? Many Duet teachers feel like they still want to have the option to hold a lesson online now and then. Some continue to host most of their lessons online, while others never want to teach online again! Which category do you fall under? Let’s discuss some of the benefits of offering online lessons, and we will provide some tips on how to make the most of this type of instruction.

Benefits of giving students the option to choose

Duet suggests music teachers consider going to a hybrid set up, where in-person lessons are the norm, but if needed, online lessons can be used to supplement. This way, students who need to miss a lesson for any reason can make it up by taking an online lesson. That could be from the comfort of their home, or even if they are traveling. This is something you should consider whether your teaching piano online, guitar or violin.

When scheduling, illness or other conflicts become stressful, one of the things that empowers students is the ability to exert a degree of control over their environment. Giving our music students a choice in how they experience their education allows them to exert greater autonomy. Developing students’ autonomy is a critical learning goal for many schools and universities.

In addition, if we as educators allow our students to have a voice in how they want to learn during a time of stress, it sends a message that we value and respect our students.

Offering online lessons also provides opportunities for social-emotional learning. When students are feeling anxious or stressed, being able to see and talk to their friends and classmates can help immensely.

For students who are struggling with mental health issues, online lessons can provide a sense of structure and normalcy. It can be difficult for students to keep up with their studies when they’re feeling down, but being able to participate in online lessons from home can make all the difference.

Tools for making online lessons easy

You may have noticed that here at Duet, we recently launched our own online teaching platform. Duet’s Online Studio replaces Zoom for half the cost and all sorts of benefits that music teachers need, such as enhanced audio sound and recording capabilities.

Duet Partner: Online Studio is a great way to run a lesson online with a simple click. When it’s time for the lesson, both teacher and student are brought together in an online space that is dedicated to enhanced sound quality specific to a musical environment. Along with the high quality sound, teachers can also find:

  • Digital whiteboard
  • File sharing capabilities
  • Chat
  • Waiting room
  • Breakout rooms
  • Group lesson capabilities
  • Lesson recording
  • Livestream capability on YouTube
  • Metronome
  • Guitar tuner
  • Guitar chord chart generator
  • Digital keyboard

Visit the Online Studio information page or email info@duetpartner.com if you have any questions about making Online Studio part of your studio’s offering.

Duet Partner Sep 14, 2022 Studio Management 2 comments

2 responses to “Hybrid Learning: Why it’s important for your studio to offer online lessons as an option”

  1. I am interested in giving your online studio a try, but I have used Zoom so long and feel quite comfortable with it. Is it possible to give Online Studio a try as a comparison with Zoom?

  2. duet says:

    Thanks for your interest in Online Studio! You can add Online Studio very easily to your Duet account: simply go to My Account under your name in the top right corner of your Dashboard, select the Online Studio option and click “Update My Account.” Online Studio is only $8/month, and it is prorated so you can try it out for a week or two and you will only be billed for the time you use. So if you use it for two weeks, you will be billed $4. Contact support@duetpartner.com if you have any questions!