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Eleven Reasons Why Duet Pays for Itself!

If Duet (former Music Teacher’s Helper) allows you to gain or retain just ONE student, the way I figure it, you will earn double the cost of the service.   In addition, if Duet helps you avoid losing money through better payments and accounting, you might actually be saving the equivalent of Duet‘s cost each month you use it. But let’s take a look at the details.  Read on for 10 reasons why I think Duet pays for itself.

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Ed Pearlman Mar 16, 2014 Studio Management
National Piano Guild Auditions – Part I

So what is it about the National Piano Guild Auditions that I like so much? If you are one who does not believe in any type of assessments whatsoever, I hope to convince you that this one is worth doing. Here are some unique qualities about the Guild Auditions that may be different from other types of assessments out there.

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Yiyi Ku Aug 13, 2013 Methods and Exams
“But it’s cheating!” – The musical way to read music

Are the rhymes and mnemonic devices for remembering the order of the notes really the best way to help students read music?

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Brandon Pearce May 21, 2012 Music Theory