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7 Things To Do When Applying for a Music Teacher Job

Would you like to vastly increase your odds of success when applying for a job as a music teacher? Follow these 7 tips to qualify for the music teaching job you want.

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Doug Hanvey Apr 11, 2022 Inspiration
Podcast: Strategies for Tax Time Organization

Music teachers are small business owners, which means music teachers pay taxes. To help you get to April 15, tax day in the U.S., Andrea Miller of Music Studio Startup shares her best practices for staying on top of the paperwork and organization needed to make tax time less painful.

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Andrea Miller Apr 4, 2022 Podcasts
Learning to Play an Instrument and Learning to Practice Are Two Distinct Skills

Why do some students love to practice right away, while others find music practice a real challenge? What can we do to support young musicians as they both learn to play their instruments and learn how to practice effectively?

These are a few of the questions Christine Goodner spends her time writing and speaking about. She also dives into them in-depth in her new book, Music Practice Makeover: Strategies to Make Practice with Your Music Student as Painless and Efficient as Possible.

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Christine Goodner Mar 25, 2022 Inspiration
Podcast: It’s tax time! Do you know all the tricks?

Duet is delighted to be partnering with Kelly Riordan, a studio management consultant, to guide teachers through tax season. Are you maximizing your deductions? Wondering which forms you need to submit? Asking yourself if you need a CPA? This invaluable episode will help you feel confident as we approach tax season.

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Kelly Riordan Mar 6, 2022 Podcasts
Duet is looking for brand ambassadors. Is this a job for you?

Duet is dedicated to building the most energetic and rewarding community for music teachers on the market. But to do this, we need YOU! Interested in becoming a paid brand ambassador? Check this out!

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Duet Partner Feb 2, 2022 Inspiration