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Benefits of Playing an Instrument

New Webinar Available! Why Pivoting as Musician Can Help Grow Your Business

Have you ever wondered how to bring all your skills into your teaching business? Or, have you ever been frustrated that you’re just doing the same thing over and over? Maybe it’s time to shift the way you think of yourself and your business.

Are You A Pivoting Musician?

On Wednesday August 3rd, Duet hosted Dr. Heidi Kay Begay and Dr. Garret Hope as they presented a live webinar for our community. In their presentation, they discussed when and why you should consider pivoting and how you can bring all of you (your Talent Stack) into serving your students. Their 10-week class, The Pivoting Musician, is about to start a cohort in September. Could the class be right for you?

If you think you might want to apply for The Pivoting Musician, watch the webinar in the Resources section of your account or visit their website here.

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