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Benefits of Playing an Instrument

Podcast: Maximizing Your Worth As A Musician

Dr. Garrett Hope

Dr. Garrett Hope has made several pivots in his life as a musician – from composer to performer to teacher to consultant. And now he’s helping others do the same. In everything he does though, Garrett believes that musicians should do more than just trade time for money – musicians should craft businesses around their endeavors that efficiently repurpose their artistic output and properly reward them for their value. In our conversation, Garret offers philosophical convictions for this attitude as well as practical tips on how to achieve the vision he promotes.

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Dr. Garrett Hope is an award-winning composer, speaker, and coach. His mission in life is to help people find new opportunities and income streams and to take courageous action.

In 2020 he delivered a TEDx talk on how music, and the arts in general, can make science more accessible and engaging for general audiences. From 2005–2020 he taught at a variety of colleges and universities in Colorado, Nebraska, and Pennsylvania.

Currently, he travels the country (and over Zoom!) speaking to audiences of creatives, helping them to think business-ly and to put systems in place.

Garrett holds degrees from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, the University of Northern Colorado, and Colorado Christian University. He is a native of Colorado, but currently lives in Nebraska with his wife and daughter.

Garrett Hope Apr 27, 2022 Inspiration

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