Introducing Online Studio

Teach online directly from your Duet account. With sound engineering designed for music lessons – not business meetings – you’ll save money and hassle with your new video conferencing partner.

Duet partnered with RealTime Audio to offer a platform that is specially designed for music teachers, with enhanced audio technology that addresses many of the frustrations of Zoom. And in addition to all of the features we’ve come to expect in a video conferencing platform like a lobby and breakout rooms, Online Studio offers digital tools that music teachers need specifically.

With a simple click, you can select Online Studio as the location of a new lesson. When it’s time for the lesson, both teacher and student are brought together in an online space that is dedicated to enhanced sound quality specific to a musical environment. Along with the high quality sound, teachers can also find:

  • Digital whiteboard
  • File sharing capabilities
  • Chat
  • Waiting room
  • Breakout rooms
  • Group lesson capabilities
  • Lesson recording
  • Livestream capability on YouTube
  • Metronome
  • Guitar tuner
  • Guitar chord chart generator
  • Digital keyboard

And for those who are interested in investing in the ability to play simultaneously without any lag, we offer the RealTime Audio Plug & Play box which can be connected directly to your computer to take your music-making experience to the next level.

When you’re ready to add Online Studio to your Duet account, simply login to Duet and click on “Online Studio” in the main navigation. And download these Teacher and Student information sheets to make the switch easy on yourself and your students.