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A podcast featuring some of the world’s greatest teachers
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Legal templates to help you run your small business
Worksheets to help spice up your lessons
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September 7, 2022
Demystifying Studio Finances with Andrea Miller

Demystifying Studio Finances with Andrea Miller

Does money always seem to be tight, no matter how many students you have? Have you ever wondered if you can afford to make an investment or take a financial risk in your studio? Would you like to know if you’re building wealth or just treading water? Andrea Miller of Music Studio Startup will show you how to find the numbers in your studio finances that can help answer these questions and empower you to make smart decisions around your money.

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Newest Podcast: Teaching with a Growth Mindset

Newest Podcast: Teaching with a Growth Mindset

Join guest podcast host, teacher Ariel Haubner, as she talks with cellist and author Brittany Gardner. They dive into the importance of creating a space in our studios where children feel safe to try, and trust their efforts will result in growth and beautiful music making.

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Webinar: Getting Past Enough with Dr. Garrett Hope

Webinar: Getting Past Enough with Dr. Garrett Hope

There’s a romantic notion that artists have to suffer for their art. That they can’t be financially stable. Dr. Garrett Hope believes that too many musicians today still believe they have to be poor to pursue their artistic passions. He wants to dispel those myths and help musicians and music teachers have thriving businesses with financial rewards that reflect their worth. How our beliefs about money are hindering the growth of our businesses?

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