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Our dedication to music teachers is unwavering.
Music is our passion and music teachers are our heroes. At Duet, we want to do everything we can to encourage your work, support your business and express our gratitude for making the world more full of music.

Focus on the music, not the management!

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What does Duet do?

Manages your roster
No more spreadsheets or missing contact information.
Streamlines your schedule
Automate rescheduling and cancellations and get rid of headaches.
Automates your billing
Invoice, collect and report with ease. Make tax time a breeze.
Consolidates materials
Lesson notes, communication with parents, repertoire assignments, your favorite fingerings. All in one place.
Provides a community
Get access to webinars, podcasts, templates, worksheets and best practices from the world’s greatest teachers.
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Our Community Events

Podcast: How to Be Smart About Your Music Education

Podcast: How to Be Smart About Your Music Education

The journey of a musician inevitably involves years of training. There’s often lots of joy in this journey, but there’s one element that’s universally disliked: the cost. Karen Poleshuck has had all of the good parts of the journey, but she offer reflections on what she might have done differently in getting to be one of the most accomplished cello teachers in New York.

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February 2 at 10am PT
Webinar: How to Set Up A Successful Remote Studio with Jon Yerby

Webinar: How to Set Up A Successful Remote Studio with Jon Yerby

Guitarist Jon Yerby was teaching students remotely long before the pandemic began. In this webinar, Jon will share his favorite tips for teaching students around the world. 10:30am Mountain Time.

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Webinars on studio management and teaching techniques
Legal templates to help you run your small business
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Access to a Facebook group just for Duet teachers
Technical support from our team when you need it
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