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Hybrid Learning: Why it’s important for your studio to offer online lessons as an option

Learn why Duet suggests music teachers consider going to a hybrid set up, where in-person lessons are the norm, but if needed, online lessons can be used to supplement.

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Duet Partner Sep 14, 2022 Studio Management
New podcast! How do you compress decades of learning into days?

You’ve spent decades learning your craft. How do you pass along all of that learning to your students in just one short lesson a week? Join Ariel Haubner and Avi Friedlander for a discussion full of ideas that are sure to inspire your teaching.

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Duet Partner Sep 8, 2022 Inspiration
6 Things To Include On Your Music Teacher Resume

People don’t know me here. Why should they trust me with their children? What can I offer? I need to advertise myself. I need to update my website. But first, I need to update my resume.

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Yiyi Ku Aug 29, 2022 Studio Promotion
3 Tips for Organizing Your Music Studio

The electronic organization of a music studio is just as important as the physical organization. Here are 3 tips for keeping your digital world organized.

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Doug Hanvey Aug 15, 2022 Studio Management
New Webinar Available! Why Pivoting Can Help Grow Your Business

Drs. Heidi Kay Begay and Garrett Hope lead a discussion about pivoting as a musician: finding new ways to use all of your skills to grow your business. Is their upcoming 10-week course right for you?

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Duet Partner Aug 5, 2022 Promotion Partners