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Benefits of Playing an Instrument
This Wednesday! Tuition: Which Model Works Best for You? what music teachers charge for tuition

What do you charge for your teaching? If you want to take a fresh look at your tuition model, join us on Wednesday for an online discussion about this most important subject.

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duet May 15, 2023 Studio Management
Do you have additional instruments in your studio? how many instruments do you have

On our Duet Partner Facebook Group, we recently asked our teachers if they have additional instruments in their home, besides their primary one. From the comments, it seems that music teachers like instruments almost as much as they like music!

Here are the instruments that were listed by our followers:

Grand pianos, digital keyboards, Celtic harps, recorders, flutes, violins, bagpipe, guitars, ukeleles, xylophones, drums, tambourines, kazoos, upright pianos and cellos.


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duet Apr 20, 2023 Inspiration
4 Questions to Ask Yourself About Summer Music Lesson Scheduling music lesson scheduling

In the summer months, scheduling music lessons flexibly is possible. How do you want to schedule your summer music lessons?

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duet Apr 17, 2023 Studio Management
3 Tips for Traveling With Musical Instruments traveling with instruments

Summer travel is almost here. Here are some tips for traveling with an instrument that you might share with your students.

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duet Apr 14, 2023 Student Engagement
Summer Music Festivals: How To Choose? summer music festival

For musicians and music students, summer often means music festivals. How do you choose which ones are right for your students?

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duet Apr 11, 2023 Student Engagement