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15 Ideas For Your Next Social Media Post

Do you have a social media account to promote your music studio?

Many private music teachers are looking for ways to recruit new students for their private studios. One strategy to attract, retain and stay top-of-mind is posting content on social media. But an effective social media strategy requires posting consistently, and coming up with new content can be challenging!

Here are 15 ideas for your next social media post:

  1. Summarize a podcast episode you listened to
  2. Summarize/recommend a book
  3. Share the X most valuable lessons you teach
  4. Share your most valuable X people you follow on social media
  5. Share the most valuable X tools you use
  6. Make a future prediction about the future of education
  7. Share an insight into your teaching philosophy
  8. Talk about a recent student’s win
  9. Talk about a student’s recent failure and how you helped guide them
  10. Break down you (or a student’s) favorite musician
  11. Share something you are practicing
  12. Share a lesson you taught this week
  13. Share the best advice you’ve ever received
  14. Share the worst advice you’ve ever received
  15. Create a top “x” list like this

Do you have other ideas? Share them in the comments below!

Other sources of inspiration include joining our Facebook Group where you can find fresh ideas from other music teachers, or listen to the Duet Partner podcast episode “How to Use Social Media to Create an Online Presence” with voice teacher and social media expert Malia Morris.

By Kelly Riordan

Kelly Riordan May 16, 2022 Inspiration

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