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Do you have additional instruments in your studio?

how many instruments do you have

On our Duet Partner Facebook Group, we recently asked our teachers if they have additional instruments in their home, besides their primary one. From the comments, it seems that music teachers like instruments almost as much as they like music!

Here are the instruments that were listed by our followers:

Grand pianos, digital keyboards, Celtic harps, recorders, flutes, violins, bagpipe, guitars, ukeleles, xylophones, drums, tambourines, kazoos, upright pianos and cellos.

What a fun list! What would you add? Where do you store them all?

Tell us in the comments here and be sure to follow the community dialogue in our Facebook group.

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One response to “Do you have additional instruments in your studio?”

  1. Dan Inglis says:

    My business name indicates that I teach voice and piano, but if you watch my videos you might know me primarily as a string player. I’ve installed several hangers where you might see a 5-string bass, folk and classical guitars, any of several soprano ukuleles, and most recently a couple of violins. Having learned how to sing the hard way, I don’t feel the same intimidation when considering a new instrument. So starting violin “late in life” at 39 wasn’t scary for me, but a really fun adventure.