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New Podcast! Making the Most of Digital Resources with Amy Chaplin

PianoPantry.com discusses digital resources available to music teachers

There are so many exceptional resources on the internet for music teachers. So where do you start? When it comes to games, worksheets, printables and teaching ideas, Amy Chaplin of PianoPantry.com is an expert.

In this episode, Amy shares her favorite idea sources, tips and tricks for keeping your resources organized so you can pull them out whenever you need a clever activity. Duet subscribers get access to Amy’s comprehensive list of recommended sources in their Duet accounts.

Amy Chaplin is a pianist, educator, entrepreneur, writer, and active presenter at the local, state, and national levels. She enjoys talking about all things piano teaching, studio business, organization, and good-food related, combining all these passions at PianoPantry.com and more recently on the new Piano Pantry Podcast.

Chaplin runs a successful independent piano studio in Northeast Indiana. She holds a Master’s in Piano Pedagogy and Performance from Ball State University, a Bachelor of Music in Choral Education K-12 from Huntington University, and a certification in Music Learning Theory (MLT) and its practical application for piano from the Gordon Institute for Music Learning (GIML). Amy has been on the Indiana Music Teachers Association board for over ten years in various leadership roles, including state President. She has been a guest writer/speaker for several professional piano teacher outlets, including Piano Bench Magazine, Alfred Music Blog, Top Music Co., Vibrant Music Teachers, and was on the Key Ideas podcast with Leila Viss. Her “Happy Birthday by Ear” product was featured on episode 28 of the Beyond Measure Podcast with Christina Whitlock.

Duet Partner Oct 16, 2022 Inspiration

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