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Looking For Guidance On How To Set Up An Effective Music Studio? This New Video Course Is For You

How to set up a music studio

Duet is pleased to announce a new 12-episode video course with veteran teacher Brittany Gardner that walks both new and experienced teachers through the ins and outs of setting up a music teaching studio.

Note: the course is free to Duet subscribers, one episode each month, the Resources section of your account.

This course is not about how to teach your instrument – we know you’re the expert on that! – but rather how to set up the business surrounding your music teaching so that you reflect your values and demand respect as a professional.

How To Set Up A Music Studio
Duet Partner Oct 24, 2022 Inspiration

Setting Up An Independent Music Studio Course

New! The Video Course for Music Teachers

Few music degree programs prepare new music teachers to run their own small business. But that’s what independent music teachers do!¬†They create an environment that inspires students, promotes hard work and the creation of art, and reflects their values as an educator. And they have to do all of that while collecting payments, scheduling lessons and communicating with parents.

Duet Partner presents a 12-episode course for new music teachers who are just setting up their studios, and experienced teachers who want new ideas and inspiration.

Setting Up An Independent Music Teaching Studio with Brittany Gardner

Duet Subscribers: Access the course FREE in the Resources section of your Duet account. We will be releasing one episode each month starting in October 2022. Plus, you can meet with Brittany every month in person during her Office Hours.

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duet Oct 16, 2022