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Benefits of Playing an Instrument

Episode 2 Launches! Setting Up Your Independent Music Teaching Studio

How to set up a music studio

Teaching a musical instrument requires expertise in your instrument and a passion for inspiring others. But it also requires the ability to run a small business. That’s a lot to ask of one person! That’s why Duet is committed to being music teachers’ partner in setting up your independent music teaching studio. Whether you teach guitar, piano, violin, drums or something else entirely, Duet’s new video course gives new and experienced teachers practical guidance for running your music studio more effectively.

Duet teachers can access Episode 2 of the 12-part course starting in December 2022 in the “Resources” section of your account. If you’re not a Duet teacher, don’t worry! You can find the entire course available for purchase on Udemy here.

Episode 2: How To Build Structure Into Your Business Planning

Does structure hold us back? Or does it free us to be more creative? This is just one of the many inspiring moments from Episode 2 of Setting Up An Independent Music Teaching Studio with host Brittany Gardner.

Duet Partner Dec 2, 2022 Inspiration

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