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Benefits of Playing an Instrument

Why is teaching music theory to students so important? Glory St. Germain knows.

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When teachers say they “teach music,” they most often mean that the introduce people to a specific instrument and instruct them on how to play it. But sometimes the underlying structure of the music we’re playing goes overlooked. When do students learn to understand what the composer was actually doing when putting certain groups of notes together? Is it necessary or even important to students to understand these things? The Ultimate Music Theory course creator Glory St. Germain answers these questions.

Glory St. Germain is the founder and CEO of Ultimate Music Theory and the author of over 50 Ultimate Music Theory Books plus The Power of WHY Musicians Anthology Book Series. Glory brings remarkably successful teaching experience to the development of the Ultimate Music Theory Program, Ultimate Music Teachers Membership, and Online Courses, including her Signature Course the UMTC Elite Educator Program & UMT Certification Course for Teachers. Glory is a Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner (NLP) which she incorporates into her teacher training. Her passion for teaching excellence sets a new standard of achievement in enriching lives through music education.

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“There are many non musical skills also developed with learning music theory, such as problem solving, memory, learning to hear what you see. To me that’s magical.”

Glory St. Germain
Glory St. Germain Nov 9, 2021 Music Theory 1 comments

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  1. Thanks Neylan for the great interview! It’s so wonderful to share ideas through the Duet Partner Podcast. So many wonderful episodes with inspiring ideas!